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Area-2C Board

 Board Meetings

Area Board Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at various regional locations.

Minutes of the Area Board meetings are available from our Downloads page.


 Area Board Members
Director Mike Morrissey
Asst. Area Director Stephen Volk
Coach Administrator John Hart*
Area Referee Administrator Rick Hults
Director of Referee Assessment Vacant
Director of Referee Instruction Paul Harmenzon
Treasurer Debbie Pinkston
Secretary Cathy Corum
VIP Coordinator

Olga Saegert

Jen Schwartz

Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate Vacant
Select Coordinator Vacant
Asst. Select Coordinator Vacant
Area Scheduler Vacant
Area Coach Instructor Vacant
Area Management Administrator Cathy Corum
Area Auditor Brent Morrison
Area Developer

Joaquin Raya

Area Elite (Flex) Coordinator Gina Paff
American Canyon, RC, Region 1187 Samuel Link
Concord RC, Region 305 Stephen Volk
Delta RC, Region 328 Tom Dumas
                                                                                                     Manteca RC, Region 1604 
MDSA RC, Region 223 Brian Lizzarago
Mountain House RC, Region 1583 Kevin Moore
Pittsburg RC, Region 1579
PHMSA RC, Region 281 Keith George*
Richmond RC, Region 1461 Diego Garcia
Stockton RC, Region 1352 Joaquin Raya
Walnut Creek RC, Region 1339 Rob Stankus
(*) Asterisk indicates Area 2C Review Panel members.


 Section 2 Staff
Director Ken Rhoads
Asst. Director Alan Matre
Treasurer Rand Potter
Coach Admin. Jock Hamilton
Referee Admin. John Park
Dir. of Ref. Assessment Steve Jacobs
Director of Management Jann Rudkin
Dir. Of Ref. Instruction Holly Bromley
VIP Coordinator Gary Drevno
Golden Gate Camp Joe Heinzmann
Developer Greg Pierce


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