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Spring Co-Ed Season

2010 Co-Ed Schedule

The Spring Co-Ed Schedule is here and includes the Round Robin tournament on May 8.

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Area 2-C sponsors a Co-Ed season every spring for high school age players. The season typically runs from mid-March until mid-May.

The cost is low - $20 if already registered with AYSO during the fall season, or $35.50 if not registered during the fall season. Players are provided with a T-shirt and the Area hosts an end of season picnic. Players in previous years have included high school varsity players, CYSA class 1 players, and players with no previous soccer experience. No standings are kept and no trophies are awarded.

Come out, run around, make new friends and have some fun.

Please contact your local regional registrar for more information.

Spring Co-Ed Season - Under 16 & Under 19 Rules Overview

FIFA Laws, AYSO National Rules and Area 2C Rules all apply fully. In addition:

  1. The object of this season is to have a fun, low key and positive experience with participation by all in accordance with AYSO guidelines and philosophy.
  2. All teams must have at least 5 (five) female players on the field at all times in order to balance the teams. If there is an imbalance, then the coaches should work it out by mutual consent with the Referee participating. Possible choices include loaning players to create the necessary balance or both teams playing short. Whichever is chosen, before the game begins both teams must furnish fully completed Lineup cards to the Referee. Free substitution may occur at any normal game stoppage except on corner kicks and throw-ins when only the team in possession of the ball may substitute. As in all AYSO games, each player is entitled to a minimum of one-half game of playing time.
  3. Duration of Division 1 (U19) games will be two 45 minute halves. Division 2 (U16) games will consist of two 40 minute halves. When Division 1 & 2 (U16/19) teams are combined, the games will consist of two 40 minute halves.
  4. If a player or a coach receives a yellow card, a short "cooling off" period away from the field of play is mandatory. This cooling off period should not normally exceed 5 minutes, but may be shortened or lengthened at the referee's discretion. The yellow-carded player may be substituted for during his/her cooling off period. If a player or a coach receives a red card, they must immediately leave the game and the field area completely. Any person receiving a red card may not attend or participate in their team's next game.
  5. All penalty kicks and drop balls will be taken by female players only. All other free kicks may be taken by players of either sex.
  6. Male/female or female/male charging is considered dangerous play and will not be allowed. As a consequence, an indirect free kick will be awarded against the offending team. Referees will be unusually alert for ungentlemanly use of weight or strength advantages when playing the ball.
  7. Slide tackling is considered dangerous play in this program, and will not be allowed by any player. As a consequence, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the team in control of the ball at the time of the slide tackle.
  8. The ball must be LIVE before a goal can be scored. The Referee will call OVER as the ball crosses the half line and will call LIVE when a female attacker touches the ball in the defender's half of the field. If the ball enters the goal without being LIVE, a goal kick restarts the play. The players are expected to keep track themselves, but the Referee may be asked whether or not the ball is LIVE. The final determination is up to the Referee at all times. (Failure of the Referee to call LIVE is not reason to disallow a valid goal.)
  9. No protests will be allowed. Rule interpretations only will be heard by the area staff upon receipt of a written request.

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