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News from the Area Referee Administrator

Exciting things are happening in the Area 2C referee ranks. As part of the new website we will be offering discussions, articles, and LOTG clarifications. Please send your questions to me at maltester@comcast.net.

We are in the process of updating the various training sessions offered throughout the Area. Full schedule is coming soon . . . .

Referee Scheduling
Referee Training (click here for complete schedule)

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced referee training classes are available around the Area. Contact the hosting region to reserve a place in the class.

Referee Instructional Aids

Prepare for your courses by studying the pre-course syllabus.

Area Referee "No Tolerance" Policy (PDF)

The Area 2-C Board has adopted a Referee No Tolerance policy aimed at managing uncivil touchline behavior by coaches and other spectators.

Parents Guide To Referee Decisions (PDF)

Written by Michael Cook, John Maltester, and Steve Morin, The Parents Guide to Referee Decisions was designed to educate spectators about why referees take certain actions, or non-actions, on the field. It is an attempt to clarify the fine points of officiating in order to raise the appreciation for the referee's efforts on the field.

2005-2006 AYSO National Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Read the Official AYSO rules and regulations and learn how AYSO rules differ from the current FIFA Laws of the Game.

Game Report

This game report is to be submitted by the referee if there is an issue related to goals, fields, restrooms, field markings, etc. All Misconduct Reporting should be reported on the Misconduct Report found below.

Misconduct Report

This report should be used for reporting all game misconducts issued by the referee team. Please make sure players/coaches names involved in misconduct are listed, in addition to jersey numbers. Make sure the report includes all game information at the time of any "send offs."

Other game report concerns such as field conditions, etc. should be reported on the Game Report form found above.


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